Your guide to selecting the right company, FixIF

How to check a plumber

To check a plumber the first step is taking the time to research the different plumbers in your area. If you live in a rural area, find out whether they are willing to travel there, to determine what radius of companies you have available to you. Find out how long they have been in business and what education or training they have to show for themselves. A professional, reputable plumber will never be wary or avoid your questions.

Also, inquire about the rates offered by these plumbers and keep these prices in mind to do comparison pricing and find out where you are going to get the best deal. Keep in mind that the more reputable plumbers will often charge more, so you do not always go with the one asking for the least amount of money. Ask about extras too, such as do they work long hours and are they available around the clock. Inquire if they charge extra if you call them in during those hours or for emergency repairs.

Ensure the plumber gives your house a once over before charging you any money. Otherwise, you can assume they are ripping you off because they have not even actually seen what the problem even is. Plumbers will often take advantage of homeowners, especially if they suspect that the homeowner does not understand the process and is not aware that they are getting scammed.

To ensure you are hiring a trustworthy plumber, inquire if they have the proper licenses and referrals, as well as ask if they come highly recommended. You can read reviews online and also ask around to your friends and family members to see who they recommend and why. The better things you hear about a plumber, the more you can trust in hiring them to do work at your home, knowing you will not get ripped off.

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