Here is our price list, we have no call out charge for plumbing or roofing and we have no hidden fees.

All prices are per hour and subject to VAT being added at the standard rate

Inside M25 10% uplift on hourly rates.




Monday-Friday 8am–6pm£65
Monday-Friday 6pm–12am£100
Saturday 8am–12am£100
Sunday 8am–12am£110
Monday-Sunday 12am–8am£150


Monday-Friday 8am–6pm£75
Monday-Friday 6pm–12am£110
Saturday 8am–12am£110
Sunday 8am–12am£120
Monday-Sunday 12am–8am£160


Monday-Friday 8am–6pm£100
Monday-Friday 6pm–12am£140
Saturday 8am–12am£140
Sunday 8am–12am£150
Monday-Sunday 12am–8amN/A


It`s fast and convenient.

Payment Terms

Charges are per hour with a one hour minimum charge and thereafter in 15 minute units. Rates are subject to VAT.

Payment must be made in full by credit card, cheque or cash to the engineer upon receipt of the invoice.

You do not pay for travelling, parking, congestion or extra for call-out – we have no hidden charges.


Holiday Rates

Public Holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve the prices are 1.5 times more per hour


Materials supplied by FixIF will be charged at trade price plus 20% mark up and are subject to VAT.

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